ROVASI luminaires chosen to renovate Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre in Reykjavik, Iceland.

ROVASI has already used its LED luminaires to help update pre-existing installations on numerous projects.  

Iceland has had an energy policy in place for years that is clearly aimed at achieving an energy-sustainable future, and lighting is a key part of that project. 

The country’s efforts in this regard now include the replacement of all lighting equipment at the iconic HARPA Concert Hall and Conference Centre building in the capital. 

Designed by Henning Larsen Architects, Batteríið Architects and the artist Ólafur Elíasson, the centre was opened in 2011 as a green building that has always operated on a sustainable power grid (geothermal and hydroelectric).  Along the same line, its director signed a Climate Declaration in 2015 setting a series of targets for 2030.

As part of that action plan, the installations have been renovated with LED technology downlights.  Based on a commitment to the high efficiency and premium quality in ROVASI luminaires, the Harpa team of engineers chose the ATOMIC and SHALLOW ranges from ROVASI to meet those targets. 

1,000 ROVASI luminaires have been installed in part of the 28,000 m2 of the common and transit spaces at Harpa. To maintain the original design, the chosen luminaires have a CRI>90 and a 3000K colour temperature. All the luminaires are fitted with DALI adjustment drivers that allow them to be managed and controlled for even greater energy savings.

Besides efficiency and quality, ROVASI luminaires are also known for their sustainability: made from aluminium and rigorously selected components to guarantee durability, they are fitted with replaceable COB and drivers. When the electronic components reach the end of their useful life, they can be easily replaced with LED modules or Zagha standard drivers. 

The team of professionals led by Johan Ronning, our exclusive distributors in the country, provided on-site support and made a decisive contribution to the success of the renovation project.

The renovation of building lighting systems with sustainable luminaires is, and will continue to be, essential in following the path towards an efficient and clean energy system. ROVASI is committed to achieving that goal.

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ROVASI plans for 2022

Following careful analysis, in which the focus remained on the ongoing uncertainty surrounding mobility issues due to COVID-19, we have concluded that the tools for staying connected with our distributors, customers and lighting professionals next year do not include Light + Building 2022. 

We have always considered our presence at previous editions to be a valuable experience. However, our strategy for the coming year will allocate resources to having a greater impact on the day-to-day life of the lighting community in a number of different ways. Our goal will be to keep everyone informed about all our latest news and to keep raising the profile of ROVASI luminaires worldwide. 

We have great expectations for 2022 , the year of our 30th anniversary.

As always, the ROVASI team remains at your disposal for any further information you may require.


ROVASI participates in lighting up the AIB Corporate Headquarters in Dublin, Ireland

The architects working on the project, RKD Architects, in collaboration with Metec Consulting Engineers, developed the 11,000 sq. metre AIB Corporate Finance HQ in the Dublin Central Business District.  

Designed to reflect its prestigious environment and the rich heritage of the surrounding area, this fully-equipped office space can accommodate 1000 staff members.

The emphasis on sustainability and energy efficiency in the building design is evident in the high-performance technical luminaires selected. In fact, the building bears the distinction of being the first newly-constructed office in Ireland to achieve platinum accreditation through the #LEED sustainability rating system. BSQ recessed downlights with a frameless look were chosen for the general lighting.

BSQ are available in 3 sizes and with fixed or swivel-mounted options. There is also a wide range of beam angle possibilities to fulfil any lighting project requirements.  

As concerns the finish, they can be supplied with customized RAL colours in order to integrate the fixtures into any ceiling. White and black finishes were supplied for the AIB Corporate HQ to complete the look and completely match the interior design.

Our exclusive distributors and lighting designers, Dlight Concepts, provided support on the ground and decisively contributed to the success of the project.

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TIRET 300 at the Gallery House in Pobla de Cérvoles.

The Gallery House is a cross between a family house, a small hotel and an art gallery. The owners of the Mas Blanch i Jové winery decided to buy an old house close to the winery with the idea of renovating it to accommodate their growing number of visitors. The refurbishment was carried out by the architecture firm Raul Sánchez Architects RSA. 

Several materials were carefully chosen to create different environments: steel, which is a cold, hardly domestic material, represents exhibition spaces; cement and grey tones were used in the common areas; and wood and ceramic were used to create warm, comfortable atmospheres. 

ROVASI TIRET 300 fixtures were chosen for the lighting. One of the possibilities of TIRET is being able to create custom designs by joining L-shaped, T-shaped or intersecting modules. In this case, four L-shaped modules were used to create two squares for the room.

A continuous line of TIRET 300 was installed above the dining table.

With an opal diffuser, TIRET stands out because it ensures immensely uniform lighting and is highly respectful of colour temperature.

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ROVASI lights the Multipurpose Hospital at the Arnau de Vilanova University Hospital in Lleida and the Parc Sanitari Pere Virgili Multipurpose Hospital Space at the Vall d'Hebron University Hospital in Barcelona.

These two facilities are satellite buildings used to expand the existing infrastructure of the hospitals where they exist in order to boost the number of ICU beds available during periods of crisis, such as the COVID-19 crisis.

The project designed by the architecture group specialising in healthcare centres, PMMT Arquitectura, used its I-COVID PMMT Compact Hospital model that guarantees a compact, modular, flexible and scalable format capable of responding to present and future needs of healthcare centres. 

Hospital lighting is extremely important in guaranteeing performance by the professionals who work there, patient safety and improved comfort and wellbeing for the people being treated there. 

ROVASI helped to create the lighting at these first-class installations using the various options available in its range of luminaires: 

The 550mm and 835mm diameter LEDA luminaires were chosen for the public and transit areas, guaranteeing bright and uniform lighting for a pleasant atmosphere in these spaces. 

The CELL and QUID luminaires were used for patient rooms and cubicles.

The BAFFLE EVOLUTION luminaires and their outstanding visual comfort were used in places where some gentle highlighting was needed. 

Both the IP protection level (essential for maintaining hygiene) and the DALI electronic control and adjustment devices were adapted to meet the needs of each space.

Construction of the hospitals began in mid-September 2020 and they were opened in February 2021. The highest level of coordination was necessary between all the teams involved for their development, as well as a flexible and reliable supply of materials.

As a genuine local manufacturer, ROVASI provided a rapid response and a supremely professional service to meet all the requirements of this project.



International Lighting Day · 16th May

On the Light Day 2021 we feel absolutely proud and joyful to be noble learners of the beauty of light and also convinced disseminators of its essential contribution to our lives.

ROVASI team works daily to make lighting solutions converge with the excellence of natural light.

We invite you to sign the pledge to Trust Science for LightDay2021 because through STEM we experience, we wonder and we solve real-world problems ow.ly/IpQc50EzKfl , because science guide us towards a better future. 

Enjoy the Light Day!


ROVASI lights up the bar of Accord and NV Fragrance Group Hotel in Perth, Australia.

KERI pendant downlights, selected because of their own particular style, manage to focus the attention on the point of interest: the counter.

These cylindrical luminaires, lined up over the counter, enlighten very specific spots highlighting the activity on its surface.

ROVASI, as a true manufacturer, offers the possibility to produce the fixtures following the strict requirements of the project. In this case, KERI downlights were customized making the body longer, up to 1.800mm, as well as the suspension black wire, 2.400mm long, in order to adapt these fittings to the available dimensions and space, achieving this way a spectacular result.

The colour of these fixtures was selected among 20 standard finishes from ROVASI’s colour chart, in this case, RAL1036 Pearl Gold, which perfectly merges with the colour scheme of the bar.

These luminaires were supplied with DALI drivers that allow for dimming and lighting control of the LED module.

This project was developed by the studio Scanlan Architects and carried out with the collaboration of lighting experts and distributors of ROVASI in Australia Phosforma.



We are pleased to announce that LIGHTING MAP 2021 is now available.

Download it and discover the newest indoor and outdoor lighting solutions developed by ROVASI.

This is an interactive catalogue. Click on a product drawing and you will be redirected to the website. This will make it easier for you to check all the details on the luminaires.


NEW: DISTRICT XS, Small IP66 linear fixtures

Following the success of the DISTRICT collection and the demands from our much appreciated followers, we have expanded the collection with products of smaller dimensions known as the DISTRICT XS. 

As you know, DISTRICT are IP66 and IK10 linear fixtures for outdoor or for low-maintenance interior areas.  

The new lengths are 155 mm and 295 mm, which make them truly suitable for household and hotel accommodation outdoor spaces.

DISTRICT XS products are available for several installation systems such as: 


BSM XS and BSM SEAL fixtures by ROVASI at the Restaurant Kai la Caleta in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

The architectural and interior design project of Restaurant Kai la Caleta was developed by Nayra Iglesias and her team at In Out Studio. Since its opening, the restaurant has become must-visit spot for all food and design lovers alike who visit Tenerife Island. 

This emblematic space, designed with blue tones, creates a relaxed, magical and mysterious experience. A locale full of details that build a unique and distinct atmosphere at the very same high quality of the dishes they serve. As with all In Out Studio projects, this restaurant benefits from an exclusive custom-made lighting design.  

BSM XS were proposed for this project because they perfectly fit into the ceiling, leaving all the limelight to the pending luminaires from the dining room of the first floor.  

The private dining room of the basement was also fitted with BSM XS fixtures, which combined with a soft indirect lighting it manages to outline the tables below.  

BSM XS luminaires by ROVASI provide a perfect integration within the ceiling, a key factor highly valued by architects and interior designers.

Furthermore, ROVASI, as a true manufacturer, offers the possibility to supply its fittings in any requested RAL finish specified in the project. In this case, the upper floor fixtures were powder coated in the same colour as the ceiling, that peculiar blue, a signature of this restaurant, along with the black coating from the private dining room.

BSM SEAL were supplied for the restrooms, inspired by the Asiatic culture, and they were completely built-in this space. BSM SEAL are trimless appearance recessed ceiling-mounted downlights with complete IP65 from underneath suitable for humid zones.  

This project was carried out with the collaboration of Alumbrado Técnico Canario, lighting specialists and distributors, who gave full support on the ground and decisively contributed to its success.

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ROVASI lights up the façade of the Markthal in Purmerend, the Netherlands.

A multifunctional space conceptualised by Rietvinkn Architecten has been settled at the old Markthal in Purmerend.

Markthal is a peculiar location with an open shape: an indoor place with outdoor feeling. The hall invites the visitor to use the square in front of it and the wide open high crystal gates make the hall and the square merge all in one.

The façade is the part of the building that welcomes us and the first impression concerning the place where we are about to enter, this is why it is so important to present a good lighting solution. Furthermore, a suitable lighting also ensures a sense of security through the access points.

The façade of this historical building was lit with TIMBAL fixtures, making the exterior part more beautiful and providing continuity to the activities being performed inside.

TIMBAL is wall-mounted fixture with uplight and downlight emission and complete IP65.The fact that we are true manufacturers allows us the flexibility to specify individual luminous flux, beam angles and colour temperatures for each luminaire side. TIMBAL (and the square version TIMBAL SQ) is the perfect fitting for façade lighting.

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ROVASI lights up the Indeed Capital Dock Offices in Dublin, Ireland

The architects working on the project, RKD Architects, in collaboration with Metec Consulting Engineers, developed the 20,000 sq. meter Indeed EMEA HQ offices at Dublin’s Capital Dock.  This fully-equipped office space can accommodate 600 staff members.  

A range of design characteristics are present throughout the spectacular interior architecture in addition to ROVASI lighting fixtures. An accurate lighting study helped meet the customer's requirements and a dark ceiling with BASE surface-mounted lighting fixtures in a black finish complete the look.

When you need a surface-mounted luminaire, BASE is the best choice because of the clean shapes and good performance.

BASE is available in 6 diameters and up to 6200lm. A wide range of beam angles is available to fulfil any lighting project requirements. As concerns the finish, they can be supplied with customized RAL colour in order to integrate the fixture into any ceiling.

Our exclusive distributors and lighting designers, Dlight Concepts, provided support on the ground and decisively contributed to the success of the project.

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Renewal of the collaboration agreement with the APDI

We’re pleased to communicate the renewal of the collaboration agreement with the Spanish Professional Association of Lighting Designers (APDI) which allows us to be a member of the Lighting Industry Resource Board.

APDI is a platform that was founded in 2008 to foster the lighting design profession by establishing professional criteria and responsibility to improve lighting in our environment and our cities and express architectural design in the best possible way in addition to adequately using energy resources and achieving user wellbeing.

Its aims are completely in line with our commitment to the quality of our lighting projects and active support from lighting designers, support we’ve been offering internationally ever since we joined IALD in 2014.

To know more about APDI


ROVASI lights up the Lycée Henri Fertet in France

The ROVASI solutions responsible for lighting the Lycée Henri Fertet in France. 

The Lycée Professionnel has been refreshed to improve its features and functionality. The renovation work included improvements to lighting throughout. 

Bearing in mind that lighting is very important at education centres because it has a direct impact on attention, well-being and comfort for both pupils and teachers, ROVASI luminaires were chosen to extremely positive effect. 

Various versions of linear luminaires from the HORIZON collection (recessed, wall-mounted, pendant) now illuminate multipurpose spaces, corridors and classrooms at the school. 

Fitted with optical features to control opening angles, the luminaires are available in 31º, 78º, 93º and 96º options, as well as asymmetrical and double asymmetrical versions. 

HORIZON linear luminaires can be combined to create custom lengths, 90º T-shaped or L-shaped intersections, as well as X-shaped and square compositions.



ROVASI and XPANDE DIGITAL European Program

ROVASI has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund aims to improve the competitiveness of SMEs and thanks to which it has launched an International Digital Marketing Plan with the aim of improving its online positioning in foreign markets during in 2020. For this it has had the support of the XPANDE DIGITAL Program of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce.


Christmas closure 23.12.20 - 01.01.21

Please, be informed that our Christmas Closure will be from 23th December to 1st January, both days included.

If you require our assistsance during these days, please send an e-mail and we will reply you as soon as possible.

May we take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy Year 2021.



ROVASI lights up KFC around Australia

It is very important for a food franchise to highlight its corporate image in order to stand out from the competition while also making its customers feel comfortable in a restaurant with character.

The design, atmosphere, lighting and colour all form part of its corporate strategy just as importantly as the food it serves does.

KFC has recently undertaken a refurbishment of its outlets in Australia and ROVASI was involved in the lighting solution for many of them.

BSM trimless downlights and NUCLEONS have been illuminating KFC fast-food outlets ever since, offering comfortable lighting and matching the interior design perfectly. The luminaires provide a modern and fresh style well-suited to the brand.

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ROVASI lights up Blixen building in Aarhus, Denmark

Aarhus (Denmark) is home to Blixen, a 23,000 m2 office building designed by Arkitema Architects where more than 900 people work. Besides offices and meeting rooms, the Blixen building also contains a cafeteria, restaurant and workshop spaces.

Good lighting for the meeting rooms and workspaces was one of the essential requirements from the authorities in Aarhus when they commissioned the project. The reception areas and vertical garden were also highlighted as important elements, for which special lighting needed to be designed.

Cowi Lighting Design conducted a careful study of the building’s lighting requirements based on Human Centric Lighting design that places people and their work in the spotlight to improve the human experience and enhance comfort by creating a pleasant environment to positively impact how they work.

The team of lighting designers led by Jørgen Kjer successfully created a sense of natural light through subtle lighting from hidden or perfectly integrated luminaires.

The QUID luminaires from ROVASI were selected because they perfectly suited the minimalist look of the building’s architecture. The luminaires were customised according to instructions from the COWI team to create a working environment with comforting and pleasant lighting. 

One of the many advantages of being a true manufacturer is to be able to provide customized solutions collaborating in all the project phases.

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ROVASI lights up the Mas Blanch i Jové winery

The Mas Blanch Jové winery was created in 2006 and ever since then it has been known for combining a passion for wine and admiration for art as a meeting point for those who are enthused about both.

In view of the success of this hybrid space, a 2019 expansion created Espai Saó to be able to increase the capacity in the tasting and ceremonial area.

The sampling and events hall features a blend of warm materials like wood and cold ones like steel and metal to create a truly contemporary atmosphere.

The lighting in these areas was carefully selected with the use of ROVASI BSM light fixtures elegantly integrated into the ceiling with a black finish.

The ROVASI BSM collection of trimless appearance recessed downlights brings the light and ceiling perfectly together for incredible integration.

On the other hand, the new winery area also affected by the expansion work is lit up with TIRET 300 linear surface luminaires for a meticulous look in the work area all while guaranteeing quality lighting.

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ROVASI lights up the Antwerp Central Station, Belgium.

The Antwerp Central Station lighting system was recently refurbished for more efficiency.

To do so, 600 units ROVASI CELL recessed downlights were installed in the pedestrian corridors of this emblematic building.

A metal cover trim was supplied with the luminaires to ensure a proper fit in the existing holes.

The ROVASI Technical Department also developed a custom fixing system fully adapted to the project requirements.

As is well-known, ROVASI can study and develop bespoke solutions to meet all types of needs.

ROVASI CELL downlights are available in 6 diameters from 140 mm to 300 mm and from 11 W to 48 W, making them excellent wildcards for any project.

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ROVASI lights up Korn Ferry's offices in Barcelona

The American multinational HR consulting firm, Korn Ferry, has recently renovated and redesigned its new offices in Barcelona. This workspace located in the heart of the city spreads over 300 m2 with 30 people working there.

It is well known that lighting plays a crucial role when it comes to creating a comfortable environment for working. That's why those entrusted with the lighting design opted for the TIRET 400 lighting fixtures to light up the work desks.

TIRET 400 are linear pendant fixtures with an opal diffuser that come in 5 standard sizes, with the possibility of creating customised designs thanks to their junction modules.

The TIRET 400 pendants went perfectly with the details of the carefully chosen furniture, providing the space with suitable lighting.

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ROVASI lights up the Arc Arena Bowling in Navan, Ireland.

The Arc Cinema Complex in Navan has been refubrished to create a multi-level entertainment attraction called The Arc Arena that includes a new state of the art 8 lane bowling alley, the Arc Arena Bowling.

An accurate lighting study meets the customer's requirements and a dark ceiling with BASE surface-mounted lighting fixtures in black finish complete its look.

When you need a surface-mounted luminaire, BASE are the best ally thanks to its clean shapes and good performance.

BASE is available in 6 diameters and up to 6200lm. A wide range of beam angles are at your disposal to fulfill the lighting project requirements. Concerning the finish, they can be supplied with customized RAL colour in order to integrate the fixture into the ceiling.

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Following the spread of Covid-19 across the world, we have implemented several measures concerning our business operations.

• We have implemented the necessary steps to protect our employees and ensure the continuity of our services.
• Orders continue to be processed and shipped - our partners are operating, although we can expect some delays.
• ROVASI team members who can work remotely are now working from home with full accessibility to regular communication via email and phone. Skype communications could be possible too.
• The team are readily available to assist you for any requirements or information request that you might have.
• We have limited the staff numbers in our office to necessary personnel only.
• Our production staff is working under strict health and sanitary protection rules.
• We provide frequent advice regarding health and safety to our employees in line with updates from the Health and Sanitary Authorities.
• We have created a ban for non-essential travel and visitors to our office.

In these challenging times, we all have to take the necessary steps to minimise the spread of Covid-19, and we believe that the above measures will help ensure the safety of our employees, partners and clients.

We wish you, your family and friends the best of luck in the challenging times.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours sincerely,

ROVASI team | #positivepeople


ROVASI lights up Capitole Station in Toulouse, France

The fixtures installed to this aim were DISTRICT 800 and WATERTIGHT.

DISTRICT 800 are linear projectors with symmetrical light distribution.

They are available in 4 lengths (from 575mm to 1415mm) and with a choice of diffusers.

Protection rating against dust and moisture: complete IP65.
Protection rating for resistance to harmful mechanical impacts: IK10.

The profile is made with extruded aluminium treated for corrosion resistance (nanophoresis) and covered with a polyester powder coating.

WATERTIGHT is a wide range of recessed ceiling-mounted downlights with symmetrical light distribution.
They are available in 4 diameters (from 165mm to 250mm) and in a large range of reflector to obtain the best photometric results.
Protection rating against dust and moisture: complete IP65.
Protection rating for resistance to harmful mechanical impacts: IK07.
Trim made in stainless steel 316L  and aluminium body treated against corrosion and coated with polyester powder.
ROVASI is really strong with IP rated luminaires.

Thanks to the combination of the high quality of the inside electronic components and the painting treatments, we ensure a high durability and a high resistance against adverse environments.

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ROVASI lights up Beursplein bicycle parking in Amsterdam. 

ROVASI lights up Beursplein bicycle parking in Amsterdam. 

To do that, ROVASI Technical Department developed a customized complete IP54 downlight to achieve the project requirements. 

Our technical team and the adaptability of our installations enable us to study, design and produce custom fixtures based on the requirements and needs of each space. 

Beursplein is an underground bike parking with space for 1700 bikes. The redesign of the ‘Beurs’ area and the bike parking are part of a restructuring project of the public space along the Noord/Zuidlijn. The use of natural stone and the luminous flow of daylight have given the bike parking a ‘cathedral’ quality. 

Every detail has been carefully studied.

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ROVASI lights up the Qatar National Museum

The Qatar National Museum was designed by architect Jean Nouvel, who was inspired by the desert rose rock typically found in the region when designing this emblematic building. The museum includes space for permanent exhibits, temporary exhibits, an auditorium and different restoration zones for a total of 52,167 m2. ROVASI developed custom lighting fixtures for the museum’s general interior lighting. The fixtures, originally from the V20 family (trimless appearance downlights that come in a symmetric and asymmetric light distribution), were redesigned by the ROVASI technical team to achieve every detail of the requirements established by the architect and the Licht Kunst Licht lighting designers.

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ROVASI GOWEL 300 have been installed in the Erasmus MC entrance in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Erasmus MC in Rotterdam is the largest university medical center in the Netherlands. A reliable and high intensity linear fixtures were required for one of the building entrances. For this reasons, the lighting specialists trust in ROVASI surface mounted linear downlight GOWEL 300.



Christmas Closure 23.12.19 - 01.01.20

Please, be informed that our Christmas Closure will be from 23th December to 1st January both days included.

If you require our assistsance during these days, please send an e-mail to info@rovasi.com and we will reply you as soon as possible.

May we take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Positive Year 2020.



Lighting Map 2019 Batch TWO

We are pleased to announce that LIGHTING MAP Batch Two 2019 is now available.

Lighting Map Batch Two is a paper tool for use as a first approach to discovering the new lighting solutions developed over the last few months by our Technical Department. The main product features, descriptions, images, implementations and suggested applications are shown there.

In addition, the document also contains a summary of the wide range of lighting solutions that are available to meet the specific requirements of your lighting project.

Lighting Map Batch Two is split into 2 blocks: new developments and a product range summary.

LIGHTING MAP Batch Two 2019 is available for downloading in English, French, Spanish and Catalan.

If you’d prefer to receive a hard copy, please contact us and you will soon have it on your desk.


ROVASI lights the Borders Bookstore at the Dubai Mall in the United Arab Emirates

Borders offers books and a wide variety of toys and stationery items. It is considered to be a pioneering centre because of the stationery section at its various stores.

In order to highlight the store items and attract the attention of consumers, luminaires were installed with CRI>90. The trim-less effect VTN luminaires from ROVASI perfectly suited the lighting requirements expressed by Borders


ROVASI lights Harbour Point Shopping Mall in Hong Kong

Located at the heart of the bustling island of Hong Kong - North Point, the Harbour Point is a hugely iconic shopping centre offering more than 120 stores and a hotel.

The lighting managers for Harbour North correctly chose the MINI QUID and QUID luminaires from ROVASI. Based on the characteristics of the space and the activities that take place there, luminaires of different diameters and light flows were combined.


ROVASI lights the Baricentro shopping centre in Barberà del Vallès, Barcelona

Together with the change of image and improvement of its installations, the Baricentro shopping centre recently replaced its lighting.

Those responsible for the lighting put their trust in ROVASI luminaries for the renovation of the lighting fixtures in the 65,800 square metre space. The luminaries chosen for this were from the 300 mm diameter CELL line.


TIMBAL SQ on the Torvet Bistro façade in Kristiansand, Norway

TIMBAL SQ is a wall-mounted fixture that is ideal for façade lighting. 

The robust body and frame are made of die-cast aluminium, treated for corrosion and coated with polyester powder. The IP65 and IK07 protection guarantees a long useful life. 

The Tridonic LED module and driver along with the aluminium reflector provide for high efficiency and performance.


Schedule Summer 2019

We are pleased to announce that our commercial staff will be able to assist you the whole summer period.

During August the business office hours will be from 09:00 a.m. to 14:00 p.m.
Monday to Friday [CET - GMT + 1:00].

We wish you a nice summer.


ROVASI lights up VPK Group main entrance. Aalst, Belgium

TIRET 400 square linear pendant fixtures were recently installed at the main entrance of the VPK Group in Aalst, Belgium.

With 90cm sides and suspended in different lengths (1.2m and 3m), these square lighting fixtures pleasantly welcome all VPK Group visitors.

TIRET 400 linear pendant fixtures with an opal extruded polycarbonate diffuser are available in different lengths and with modular accessories to create customized shapes and designs.

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ROVASI lights up the Goxwiller nursery school, France

The Goxwiller nursery school underwent renovations to improve its equipment, enhance its functionality and expand its surface area.

The renovation included lighting improvements.

Considering that lighting is very important to areas where kids spend time since it has a direct impact on their wellbeing and comfort, ROVASI light fixtures were chosen which have more than accomplished the desired effects.

The inner areas of the school, classrooms and activity rooms now feature VIA built-in linear lamps while the passage areas and stairways have been fitted with GRAVITY suspended lamps.

See photos


Lighting Map 2019 Batch One

We are pleased to announce that LIGHTING MAP Batch One 2019 is now available.

Lighting Map Batch One is a paper tool for use as a first approach to discovering the new lighting solutions developed over the last few months by our Technical Department. The main product features, descriptions, images, implementations and suggested applications are shown there.

In addition, the document also contains a summary of the wide range of lighting solutions that are available to meet the specific requirements of your lighting project.

Lighting Map Batch One is split into 2 blocks: new developments and a product range summary.

LIGHTING MAP Batch One 2019 is available for downloading in English, French, German, Spanish and Catalan.

If you’d prefer to receive a hard copy, please contact us and you will soon have it on your desk.


ROVASI chart: 25 colours to choose

There are 25 standard finishes to choose.

Outdoor ranges WATERTIGHT, WATERTIGHT SHALLOW, WATERTIGHT SQ, DOT, LOTUS, TERRA, TERRA SQ and LITHOS have as standard finishing stainless steel 316L.

Other RAL colours or product finishes are available under request.

Standard RAL colours available.


Christmas Closure 24.12.18 - 01.01.19

Please, be informed that our Christmas Closure will be from 24th December to 1st January both days included.

If you require our assistance during these days, please send an e-mail to info@rovasi.com and we will reply you as soon as possible.

May we take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Positive Year 2019.



Renewal of EAC certification

We are pleased to announce that we have again renewed the EAC Certification covering every product in our range of lighting solutions.

The EAC seal of quality guarantees that all the luminaires we design and manufacture meet the technical regulations and assessment procedures of the Eurasian Customs Union.
This means they meet all the requirements and technical standards applicable to lighting apparatus and that they can be supplied and installed anywhere within the Member States of the Eurasian Customs Union: Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia.


ROVASI lights up GRANDI MATHOLL in Reykjavik

Grandi Mathöll in Reykjavik (Iceland) is a restaurant space with its own unique character. It is a meeting point for culinary explorers in the most modern part of the city.

The lighting designer for the multi-restaurant opted for the pendant PLACE luminaires from ROVASI for the general lighting throughout the space on it, they combined PLACE fixtures of different diameters: 550mm, 850mm and 1100mm to get a carefree style. 

See photos


Enlighten Europe 2018

The event organised by IALD, Enlighten Europe, will take place in Barcelona in a few weeks’ time. It will be a pleasure to welcome lighting designers, architects and professionals from the sector worldwide to our city.

Several conferences related to the world of lighting design will be held on 7, 8 and 9 November. Among them, we would like to highlight the one we are thrilled to sponsor, “Architect and Lighting Design: the secrets of a powerful partnership”. This conference will be given by Anna Kharchenkova from Light Bureau Studio and Rebeca Ramos from Heatherwick Studio. Kevan Shaw from KSLD will also be worth listening to at the session entitled “Practical Application of Luminance-based Design”.


ROVASI lights up the Costa i Font Cultural Center

Work was recently undertaken at the Costa i Font Culture Centre in Taradell (Catalonia) to refurbish the interior and improve energy efficiency. 

The former textile factory that is now used as a cultural and social space is lit using linear LED ROVASI luminaires, such as the LIFT wall lamps with dual light emission, the surface-mounted TIRET linear downlights and the linear asymmetric pendant RULE WALLWASHER.

The new lighting installation is complemented by the recessed CELL and ATOMIC lamps, pendant HELIX lamps and adjustable DYNAMIC downlights with 360º rotation.

See photos


APDI-CRII membership

We’re quite pleased to communicate the collaboration agreement reached with the Spanish Professional Association of Lighting Designers (APDI) which allows us to be a member of the Lighting Industry Resource Board since 1 August 2018.

APDI is a platform that was founded in 2008 to foster the lighting design profession by establishing professional criteria and responsibility to improve lighting in our environment and our cities and express architectural design in the best possible way in addition to adequately using energy resources and achieving user wellbeing.

Its aims are completely in line with our commitment to the quality of our lighting projects and active support from lighting designers, support we’ve been offering internationally ever since we joined IALD in 2014.

To know more about APDI


WATERTIGHT lighting up on Faroe Islands

WATERTIGHT lighting up a petrol station on Faroe Islands.

The lights are exposed to adverse conditions like strong winds, low temperatures and a saline environment.

The 316L stainless steel ring and screws as well as the anti-corrosive aluminium body coated in polyester powder guarantee a long useful life due to the IP65 and IK07 protection.

The Tridonic LED module and driver along with the aluminium reflector provide for high efficiency and performance.


ROVASI lights up main entrance of NEO GEO building in Moscow

KERI Custom-made tubular pendant lamps 1,200 mm high with a 9-metre cable were developed and manufactured to illuminate the main entrance of the NEO GEO building in Moscow (Russia).

The slender luminaire perfectly integrates into the elegant space thanks to the vertical aesthetic and black finish.

The technical department at ROVASI is capable of developing custom-made luminaires, while the production department is fully-equipped to produce the resulting design. You have an idea, we make it a reality.

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ROVASI lights up Hotel Pulitzer, Amsterdam

The Pulitzer Hotel which was founded in 1970 is an elegant hotel in Amsterdam. It is located among the emblematic canals of the city. The 225 rooms of the 5-star hotel, the living rooms and the reception facilities have recently experienced a renovation.

The phases of the renovation have included improvement to the lighting of all the spaces. Thanks to an appropriate lighting, intimate guest rooms have been created, as well as, quiet and functional meeting & event spaces.

ROVASI participated in the supply of NUCLEONS that are developed specially for the hospitality and residential sector. Nucleons are downlights with a diameter of 110mm and 130mm with different reflector, luminous flux, CRI and colour temperature possibilities to give a wide range of solutions and options.


ROVASI lights up Sagrada Família Museum, Barcelona

We are a really proud to participate in the illumination of a so distinguished place as the Sagrada Família Museum. We are honoured to have been a part of this. 
ROVASI recessed linear downlight VIA.

Credit: Oriol Mortes /Basílica de la Sagrada Família


August 2018

We are pleased to announce that our commercial staff will be able to assist you the whole summer period.
During August the business office hours will be from 08:00 a.m. to 14:00 p.m.
Monday to Friday [CET - GMT + 1:00].
We keep at your disposal for any assistance you may need or request.
Have a nice summer.


Caracal·la Shop, Artesa de Segre

Lighting not only fills the dark but, it often does a much more relevant task: giving meaning, emphasis and an accent to that which is being illuminated.

Artificial lighting plays a decisive role in consumers’ purchasing actions. Lighting will be decisive, as the products on display are valued according to quality criteria which will have an influence on customers’ purchasing behaviour.

In accordance with this idea, ROVASI provides lighting suitable for retail.

Caracal·la Shop, Artesa de Segre.
Photo and interiors: Joel Vila.


ROVASI lights up Indeed offices in Dublin

The job search and recruitment giant Indeed recently relocated its Irish operation offices to a high profile modern office building in Dublin 2.
The architects in charge of the project, McCauley Daye O’Connell Architects, together with other fit-out specialists, developed the 12,000 sq meters Indeed new EMEA [Europe Middle East and Africa] headquarters.
The environments and spaces of the building are varied and the project was so motivating: open plan offices, meeting rooms, canteen, auditorium, training rooms and terraces for over 700 staff.
Taking into account the activities to be carried out there, the lighting needs and aesthetics of each environment, the lighting designers team selected a wide variety of lighting solutions, both decorative and architectural, to meet the requirements of each area.
In terms of architectural and technical lighting, ROVASI's BSQ, HELIX, BASE and BSM luminaires were the best solution because of their efficiency and lighting quality and for the careful integration of the lighting into the space.
Our exclusive distributors and lighting designers Dlight Concepts provided support on the ground and contributed decisively to the success of the project.


International Day of Light · 16th May

We are delighted to be celebrating the 1st International Day of Light and we would like to thank UNESCO and the entire team involved in promoting this initiative.

We live light, not just when we are at work, but from the moment we open our eyes to the moment we close them.

Light moves our days and we move with light.

To all professionals in the sector and to all those who live and love the light we wish you a happy International Day of Light.


Lighting Map 2018

If you want to know more about the latest innovations that have been added to our range, we are pleased to announce that the Lighting Map 2018 is on the way.
As you know, ROVASI LIGHTING MAP is a tool to approach our wide range of lighting solutions, the first step to be located in our indoor and outdoor collection. Product features, descriptions, images, realisations and suggested applications are shown there.
196 pages to present the 99 families containing more than 350 products. The Lighting Map is split into 3 blocks: indoor, indoor linear and outdoor.
After this, a detailed reference list (with more than 15000 references!) can be filtered from our website www.rovasi.com. There, you can download full technical information for your lighting project.
The catalogue is available in English, French, German, Spanish and Catalan.
LIGHTING MAP 2018 is available to be downloaded here.  If you prefer to receive a hard copy, please contact us and one will soon be at your desk.


Light+building 2018

Once again, we enjoyed light+building

Light + Building is one of the times when #positivelighting is really able to glow.  Without you, #positivelighting wouldn’t be able to shine as well. 

Thanks for visiting our stand! 


Light+building 2018

Light + Building 2018 is just around the corner and the expectations are promising.

The ROVASI marketing team has its booth ready and our colleagues in the technical department have developed interesting new fixtures to be showcased.

As usual, you can find us in Hall 3.1 at Booth D80.

See you there from 18th to 23th March, come and discover our latest ligthing solutions!


ROVASI lights up the offices of Microsoft Russia

The offices of Microsoft Russia have been renovated according to the new policy of the multinational regarding work spaces. Offices are understood to be not just a place of work but also a place of being. Offices have become less rigorous, more diverse and more comfortable spaces.

The hubs of the new offices have become points of communication as well as work and creativity. Their relaxed and welcoming atmosphere stimulates collaboration between the employees and the ideal environment for creating projects.

As always, lighting has played a key role in ensuring that work environments are pleasant and comfortable. The lighting solutions have been carefully chosen from the ROVASI catalogue to create pleasing spaces.

For this project, different solutions of recessed trimless BSM, BASE surface luminaires, and GRAVITY pendant downlights were chosen. The latter were customised to adapt the lighting to the design required by the space. All of them are equipped with LEDs, so the use of technology stands out making the office of Microsoft Russia one of the best Microsoft offices in the world.

Project pictures


Christmas Closure 25.12.17 - 01.01.18

Please, be informed that our Christmas Closure will be from 25th December to 1st January both days included.

If you require our assistsance during these days, please send an e-mail to info@rovasi.com and we will reply you as soon as possible.

May we take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Positive Year 2018.



ISO 9001:2015 / ISO14001:2015

Ever since ROVASI was founded we have always sought to stand out for our excellence in customer care, good service and fine quality. To that end back in April 1998 we achieved ISO 9001:1994 certification from the BSI group, which confirmed that ROVASI has a total quality continuous improvement management system in place.

We are proud to be able to announce that beginning november we renewed our certification and were awarded the ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

In the same way, that IS014001:2015 was renewed as well. This certification confirms that we achieve a balance between company profitability and reducing our environmental impact.

We are using a management programme to implement continuous improvement processes. We are conscientiously working to leave a good environmental legacy for future generations.


ROVASI lights up Domina Shopping Center in Riga, Latvia

Domina Shopping is one of the biggest shopping centres in Riga. More than 160 fashion stores, cafes and restaurants, and a beauty centre as well as various service providers are available there. The shopping centre, which is located between two main streets in Riga, has a retail floor space of more than 40,000 m2.

The owners of Domina Shopping wanted to create a place where people could find everything they may need for an even more beautiful life and a day full of surprises. This is why a comfortable and aesthetically attractive environment was a must. It had to be a place where people could learn something new, gain positive emotions and spend some leisure time in an interesting way.

As always, lighting plays a key role in ensuring a comfortable environment and creating an aesthetically attractive place. So, the professionals in charge of the lighting design successfully placed their trust in ROVASI - CELL to illuminate the interior areas of the building. CELL fixtures stand out because of the elegant thin trim. A high luminous flux was needed because of the high ceilings in the Domina shopping centre. In response to the wallwasher requirements, CELL WALLWASHER was also used to light up some points.

In order to create a comfortable place, all the fixtures were equipped with 2,700 K modules.
Finally, dimmable drivers were supplied to control energy costs, both for economic and environmental reasons as well as to create different atmospheres depending on the time of the day.

Sure you will have ROVASI - CELL  on mind for your coming project.


ROVASI Instagram, like it!

ROVASI Instagram profile is now active and we invite you to follow our posts instagram.com/rovasi_sl/ 

We will surprise you with photos of projects lighted up with Rovasi lighting solutions, sure this will be a springboard for your creativity!

All the news concerning Rovasi and the lighting universe will be updated in our board.

And, of course, we will display our fixtures there!

Do not miss it out, it is  #positivelighting !


Our three Musketeers

As you have probably already discovered, the new linear collection includes a vast array of linear lighting fixtures such as wall, ceiling and suspended luminaires, both surface-mounted and recessed mounted. Additionally, it is possible to choose your own musketeer for the project:                                

  • The slim linear fixture with an extruded polycarbonate diffuser is the best solution for bars, restaurants, private residences, offices and showrooms. It is available in 4 colour temperatures and there is a wide range of accessories to create modular designs. If a stylish and elegant linear fixture is required, this will be the winning option.
  • The one line profile with PMMA optics is extremely versatile and skilful. Because it can offer different beam angle and CRI options [CRI>90 or CRI>80], it and can be used for many different applications such as schools, retail, museums, meeting rooms, hospitals, offices, showrooms, leisure facilities, bars and hotels. It’s a flashy, architectural solution.
  • Finally, the three-line linear profile with PMMA optics is also available in different beam angle up to 34,600 lm. It has been designed to illuminate shopping malls, hospitals, warehouses, industrial facilities, schools and universities, offices, and similar facilities. You control the line, you lead the beam.
Completely custom-designed solutions can be made to order and all the profiles can be supplied in a customized RAL colour.
One for all and all for light.


Rovasi lights up Riverbank condominium in Singapore

Riverbank at Fernvale is a new condominium project that was recently opened in Singapore. Riverbank Condo covers an area of 50,000 m2, on which four 19-story towers have been built to offer a total of over 500 homes.

This residential space - strategically located near to such facilities as shopping centres, schools, banks and leisure centres - boasts relaxing areas in which to disconnect from the busy city life. The apartments have been surrounded by charming water features and gardens to make time at the residential complex even more pleasant and captivating.
In terms of the outdoor areas, the lighting plays a key role in ensuring both a pleasant and safe atmosphere. For this reason, the professionals responsible for the outdoor lighting trusted in the success of the WATERTIGHT luminaires by Rovasi to light the porches and cornices in common areas throughout the condominium project. 
The WATERTIGHT model stands out because of its IP65 - IK07 level of protection and its 316L stainless steel ring, making these luminaires impervious to atmospheres with high humidity. WATERTIGHT is available in four diameter sizes with various degrees of aperture, colour temperatures or CRI. Its light flow varies between 1,530lm to 8,420lm depending on the specific model.
Sure you will have ROVASI - WATERTIGHT on mind for your coming outdoor project.

See more pictures.


ROVASI participating in Llum BCN 2017

LlumBCN2017 took place last weekend. Light and new technologies transformed Barcelona into the venue for a show that was certain to delight and fascinate everyone in attendance.

The projections and shows produced by well-known and prestigious light artists for this event were accompanied by creations by students from the city’s art, design, lighting and architecture schools, which were set up in some of the finest courtyards in the Ciutat Vella district.

ROVASI had the pleasure of participating in this event by providing lighting fixtures for the ephemeral system designed by ETSAB Barcelona School of Architects in the Moja Palace interior courtyard.


LINEAR MAP 2017 - Linear systems

The LINEAR MAP 2017 is dedicated to the new ROVASI linear lighting collection which expands the already extensive collection of lighting solutions we offered in the LIGHTING MAP 2016.

The LINEAR MAP 2017 is a quick guide to find the many options available from now on for quality linear light fixtures. 

Custom linear systems may be designed for your project needs based on the basic units in different measurements, installation systems, finishes and lighting possibilities as well as with the range of available accessories.

You may request the hard copy to marketing@rovasi.com or you can download it.


ROVASI's 25th annivesary

This is a special year for the ROVASI team as we’re celebrating the company’s 25th anniversary.

As the years have gone by, we’ve had so many enriching experiences on a professional and personal level, some of which still bring smiles to our faces and others which continue to make our hearts beat stronger.

All of the challenges we’ve overcome have made it possible for ROVASI to be an important part of the international lighting sector after 25 years. We’re very proud of the projects that have been completed and to have gotten so far and continue to be enthusiastic about lighting up new places.

We’d particularly like to thank the entire ROVASI team that has accompanied us and continues to do so on this long path. We’d also like to thank all of our partners and collaborators who’ve also made and will continue to make this project possible.

Thank you all very much and we hope you’ll continue to be by our side for a long time to come.


Positive experience at Enlighten Europe 2016

First of all, we would like to thank the IALD and its entire team for the excellent organisation of this engaging event. It has been pretty difficult to choose particular sessions over these days full of amazing conferences, mainly because of the quality of the speakers. With every choice, we had the feeling we were missing something awesome just on the other side of the wall.

The two-day conference offered a three-track system, featuring courses in the Art (communicating design), Science (shaping the future) and Professional Tools (the business and operational side) Tracks. To name a few, we highlight:

Anne Bureau [Wonderfulight] and Karolina Zielinska-Dabkowska [D4P] with the session Follow the light. Peter Raynham and his interesting reflections with the session Work place lighting. Kevan Shaw [KSLD] and his words of wisdom about the EU Regulatory environment for lighting. Gavriil Papadiotis [LDInt] taught us that the camera is not only for selfies ... Ignacio Valero was masterful showing us to use the sun. Andrea Hartranft [HLD], Barbara Horton [HLB] and Anne Sbokou gave us a lesson of life and hope. And Richard Fallon, who his ability to present the subject in such an interesting way produced one of the most memorable evenings in our association history.

For ROVASI, it was a source of great pleasure to be a session sponsor and promote junior lighting designers so they could participate in the event. These were days to remember, for sure. We are looking forward to the next one in 2.018.


ROVASI lights up the VIP valet parking area at the Mall of the Emirates

The Mall of the Emirates is one of the largest shopping malls in the world.

This shopping centre in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is a worldwide reference and the number one retail destination in Dubai because of its luxurious shopping and leisure experience.

Opened in November 2005, it has gone through several expansions over the years. One of the most recent expansions included the extension of the VIP valet parking area.

ROVASI WATERTIGHT fixtures were chosen for the engineers to light up the MOE VIP valet parking area because of their high quality and aesthetic finish. WATERTIGHT are complete IP65 downlights with stainless steel 316L trim and glass diffusers to ensure a high protection rating against dust and moisture. LED and metal halide sources were combined for this project.


IALD ENLIGHTEN EUROPE | Kevan Shaw session sponsorship

A major event in European Lighting Design will be held in few days in Prague - the 2016 IALD ENLIGHTEN EUROPE Conference.

As a proud member of the IALD LIRC, ROVASI is pleased to sponsor the Kevan Shaw discussion on the EU regulatory environment for lighting. It is planned for Monday, 14 November at 2:00 pm.

Located in Edinburgh, Scotland, Kevan Shaw is an IALD member who leads the KSLD studio.

You can consult the 2016 Enlighten Europe programme here.


ROVASI lights up Hammel Commercial Center.

As is well-known, one of ROVASI’s core characteristics is our flexibility and customer assistance orientation. ROVASI’s technical team is challenged daily with finding solutions to specific requirements for projects around the world either adapting standard products to the project needs or creating tailor-made solutions starting with a functional description or sketch.

One example is the solution that was provided for one of the retail hearts of the city of Hammel in Denmark. The goal was to light the narrow streets in the pedestrian area to ensure comfortable and safe shopping.

Starting with a description of the technical needs, we customised the SUPER lighting fixtures to be installed in a catenary lighting system. A tensile cable net was prepared for the suspension of the surface-mounted outdoor lighting. There was a cable net with connections to provide light points exactly where street lights were required. With the catenary system, an unobstructed, welcoming and safe space was guaranteed.

Furthermore and due to the efficiency of the LEDs and DALI dimmable possibilities, the system offers significant energy efficiency benefits.

See pictures


Rovasi lights up the De Nederlandsche Bank visitors' centre and offices

Banks want to transmit feelings of security, solidity and trust. Suitable lighting plays a large role in ensuring the success of relations between customers and the bank. In addition and following its new strategic line, De Nederlandsche Bank wants to attain a feeling of closeness and transparency, and this was definitely achieved at the DNB Visitors Centre in Amsterdam.

ROVASI helped create an optimal atmosphere at the DNB offices and Visitors Centre, since the professionals in charge of the project placed their trust in ROVASI luminaires. ATOMIC recessed downlights were chosen for the general lighting of the entire building.

Further and due to the efficiency of LEDs and DALI regulation possibilities, this 6790 square metre building was awarded A++ energy certification, a guarantee that the building’s energy production is almost neutral.

Thus, thanks to the design by Inbo Architects and ROVASI lighting solutions, the DNB has improved the work spaces in offices and achieved its aspirations for sustainability, as well as benefiting from great energy savings and the attainment of a more functional space with an improved appearance.

See photos


MR16 halogen lamps perfect replacement

We are expanding again the Rovasi lighting solution range, by adding the Tridonic SLA module to our products whose profiles fit more with residential-hospitality, including TEKNO, TEKNO SQ, BSQ, BSM, SEAL and SEAL SQ. The 2700K and CRI>90 module selected by the Rovasi technical department is characterised by its pleasant warm lighting and low height, qualities that make it the perfect replacement for MR16 halogen lamps.


Lighting solutions in up to 8420lm

If the project you are leading requires a high lumen level, we can supply a large number of our lighting fixtures in up to 8420lm.

With the effective dissipation system built into our luminaires and the great assortment of Tridonic LED modules and drivers, we can supply far-reaching luminous flux in the usual possibilities: CRI>80 and CRI>90 in 2700K, 3000K and 4000K. 

The technical details for these references are available on our website.

If you need more detailed information, our team would be pleased to assist you.


Leaseplan Fleet Management in Poland

Leaseplan Fleet is a leader in the field of leasing, rental and fleet management in Poland. In preparation for a change in location of its Warsaw headquarters, Leaseplan Fleet hired specialists in interior design – the architects JMP Service. They studied and developed the re-arrangement plan in line with the customer’s expectations and specific requirements. ROVASI produced and supplied a complete set of custom-made lighting solutions for this project.

Thanks to the versatility of our facilities in Centelles, our experienced staff and our competence in production, we are able to develop and manufacture custom-made lighting fixtures tailored to the requirements and needs of each individual project.

The requirement was aesthetic-related for this project: around 200 fixtures were supplied for the Lease Plan facilities in a customized RAL, RAL2004 Bright Pure Orange. A specific colour finishing is a good way to enhance the corporate image of a franchise, chain or company. At Rovasi, we are able to supply customized RAL finishes as well as a wide range of decorative accessories in a variety of colours.


Enlighten Europe 2016

Created for and by architectural lighting designers, Enlighten Europe is a boutique conference experience focusing on the needs of the European lighting community. Blending traditional seminars with innovative workshops and unique collaborative experiences, Enlighten is designed to give attendees skills, tools and inspiration to immediately apply in their practices. 

ROVASI, a proud member of IALD-LIRC, will be participating in this event. 

Save the date: 13-15 November in Prague, Czech Republic. More details and registration here.


EAC Certificate

We are pleased to inform that we get the EAC Certification.

The EurAsian Conformity mark (EAC) is a product marking to indicate that all Rovasi lighting fixtures are conform to all technical regulations of the Eurasian Customs Union assessment procedures.

This means that it meets all requirements and technical regulations applicable to the lighting fixtures, and that it can be serviced in the territory of all Customs Union member countries: Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia.


The Lighting Map 2016

We are pleased to introduce you our new reference book, the Lighting Map 2016.

A 128 pages summary where you will be able to choose at a glance the more of 10.000 lighting solutions we are offering nowadays. If you add the different finishes, accessories and electronic equipment, it means a range of more than 400.000 references.

Our purpose with this reference book is to become a convenient guide when you will be creating or developing a project.

We do hope that the Lighting Map 2.016 will become the functional and effective tool you were waiting for. It is a reference book for the convenience of our partners.

You can download the Lighting Map in the SERVICES zone from our website.


ROVASI at Light+Building 2016 | Hall 3.1 Stand D80

Rovasi will attend the Light + Building 2016.
We will showcase a wide range of indoor and outdoor LED lighting solutions.
You can find us, as always, in the Hall 3.1, stand D80.
We are looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks at the Messe!


New showroom

At your disposal is our showroom. 80m2 of exhibition, where we are delighted to show our LED lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor.

Fixtures are displayed to be shown close enough to observe all the details and quality of materials as well as the finishes and accessories from our entire range. Our showroom is equipped with the latest technology in order to recreate different lighting scenarios.

In our team, you will meet with expert lighting consultants to guide you on your visit, solving all your questions and offering the most suitable solutions for your projects.

Schedule a visit to our showroom to rediscover the light. Ask for a meeting with our team by sending an e-mail to showroom@rovasi.com.


ROVASI illuminates Abu Dhabi footbridge

Over the past months, a number of footbridges in Abu Dhabi were officially inaugurated. This project is part of Abu Dhabi efforts to provide the Emirates with pedestrian walkways that ensure public safety and encourage an environment free from pedestrian-related accidents. To do so, technicians studied pedestrians' requirements and developed a comprehensive plan to be implemented as an internationally unique model.

These distinctive footbridges are designed to provide the highest security, safety and comfort standards for all users. This was achieved by installing an effective ventilation system, using energy-saving lightbulbs inside the bridges and beyond, and providing electric lifts for people with special needs.

The team of engineers selected luminaires with the tilt accessory from the ROVASI SUPER range to light the footbridges. SUPER are surface-mounted downlights with full IP65 protection against moisture and dust entry, with an IK07 protection against harmful mechanical impacts. The die-cast aluminium body with a polyester powder coating make the robust body highly resistant to the environment.


The projector accessory is a support that enables the luminaire to be tilted and adjusted in order to achieve specific lighting effects, making SUPER a versatile luminaire that can be installed in walls, ceilings and floors.


ROVASI illuminates outside of La Torreta cultural center

The La Torreta cultural centre was designed by Catalan architects Biurrun Herrera Arquitectes Associats. The building in Montmeló (Barcelona) comprises a large multi-purpose space on the banks of the river that shapes the city and plays host to a wide variety of cultural events.

The asymmetry and irregularity of the building create a sizeable porch area and overhanging roof. To illuminate the building’s perimeter, the team of engineers selected luminaires from the WATERTIGHT range.

WATERTIGHT are ceiling-recessed downlights with full IP65 protection against moisture and dust ingress. The aluminium body with a polyester powder coating and the 316L stainless steel ring make them highly resistant to any corrosive environment, including the rusted profile of the La Torreta roof.


ROVASI lights up the facade of the Gran Hotel España Oviedo Spain

The façade is that part of a building which welcomes us and gives us our first impression of the space which we are about to enter. The lighting of the façade also serves to give a sense of security about the place we are entering.

The designers of the lighting for the Gran Hotel España in Oviedo successfully placed their trust in ROVASI luminaires for the building’s exterior lighting.

The 4-star Husa Gran Hotel España is right in the historical centre of Oviedo, in the Principality of Asturias. The hundred-year-old building, located next to Oviedo Cathedral, has always been involved in the city’s most important events. This hotel is in the political, historical and commercial centre of the city, which perhaps is why it retains its characteristic charisma.

The luminaires chosen by the experts were from the ROVASI TUBE range of multifunctional wall lights, giving the possibility of both downlighting or uplighting. In this case both functions of the luminaires were employed, with the choice of uplight or downlight depending on the elements of the façade to be highlighted. The light source was provided by 150 watt metal-halide lamps.


ROVASI provides lighting for the Bank International Indonesia branch in Jakarta.

Banks want to transmit feelings of security, solidity and trust. Adequate lighting plays a role in ensuring the success of the relationship between the customer and the bank. 

ROVASI helped create an optimal atmosphere at the bank's offices in the Indonesian capital, since the lighting designers in charge of the project placed their trust in ROVASI luminaires. BSM adjustable downlights for metal halide lamps were chosen for the general lighting. 

BSM downlights are recessed with trimless appearance. They are highly appreciated in projects where the architect wants to create sophistication and elegance in the lighting of any space. With the lighting fixture completely integrated into the architectural environment, it is the favourite choice of architects and interior designers. Thanks to its adjustable nature, the light can be directed to any area where a point of interest is to be highlighted.


ROVASI lights up Gulliver comercial and business center in Kiev, Ukraine.

Gulliver is a distinctive and prominent office building, and one of Ukraine’s tallest constructions. Located in Kiev’s central business district, it provides workspace and offices as well as a shopping centre, and is a point of reference among the architectural wonders of the city, as it captures the designers’ imaginative spirit.

At a height of 141 metres and with 37 floors, the Gulliver is a multipurpose building: the first four floors are filled with shops, together with a bowling alley, cinema, restaurants, wellness centres and a swimming pool.

Highly advanced engineering means this is a “smart building”, maximising comfort, security and elite environmental efficiency. The materials used in the building structure are of the highest quality to be found in Europe, and the same applies to the lighting, as the designers in charge of the project placed their trust in ROVASI lighting solutions.

Metal halide WATERTIGHT downlights were chosen for the main building entrance. WATERTIGHT are complete IP65 downlights with a 316L stainless steel trim. The glass diffuser and the high-purity sandblasted anodised aluminium reflector ensure the best photometric results. Sixty units with a 5181WT.8.88 reference are used at the entrance, to provide people with the best welcome as they enter the Gulliver building.


ROVASI lights up Hackett London in Kuala Lumpur

It must be remembered that artificial lighting plays a decisive role in consumers’ purchasing actions. In fact, in a shop, a supermarket or even a bakery, lighting will be decisive, as the products on display are valued according to quality criteria which will have an influence on customers’ purchasing behaviour.

In accordance with this idea, ROVASI provides lighting suitable for presenting products in shops. It recently designed the lighting for the Hackett London store in one of the biggest shopping centres in Malaysia, the Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

Founded in 1979 in central London, Hackett London is a brand of clothing for men and boys offering fine, smart suits. To highlight their remarkable quality, it is important to have lighting with the same quality standard. That is why the Hackett London brand placed its trust in ROVASI products for lighting its sales area.


ROVASI lights up OCEAN PLAZA shopping Mall in Kiev

The new OCEAN PLAZA shopping centre opened its doors in Kiev in November 2012 and was successfully inaugurated in December of the same year after the European Football Championship was held in the country.

Located in the business district of the Ukrainian capital and close to the main commercial arteries of Kiev, this 165,000 square metre space is devoted to shopping and leisure activities.

The immense shopping centre boasts some very specific architecture. Designed by the international firm Chapman Taylor, which has already carried out various well-known projects all over the world, and with assistance from the Ukrainian company KAN Development, the designers of the centre were able to perfectly combine ultra-modern decoration and technology with a bright and pleasing commercial space to create a welcoming atmosphere.

ROVASI luminaires were chosen to light a significant portion of the 165,000 square metres of OCEAN PLAZA. As the ideal option, the lighting designers on the centre rightfully trusted in ROVASI luminaires.

The most remarkable features that persuaded the lighting designers to choose luminaires by ROVASI are:

• Our catalogue offers a large number of solutions with varying degrees of protection: IP20, IP54, IP65 and IP68. IP54 and IP65 protection was required for this project, i.e. Watertight, Super, Qydros luminaires that need a low level of maintenance (protection against the ingress of dust).

• Our capacity to adapt our products to the specific requirements of each project.

• ROVASI luminaires stand out because of their quality and the wide range of solutions offered by our line of products.


For these reasons, a total of six different ROVASI models were chosen for OCEAN PLAZA.


GOST-R certificate renewed / Russia

We are proud to inform you that we renewed the GOST - R certificate for our range of products. This certificate is valid for three years, until February 2016. It will allow all our Russian customers and distributors to import our lighting solutions into the Russian market more quickly and easily. This certificate means we can enter the Russian market, as it guarantees that our products are compliant with Russian safety requirements.

The GOST R system is controlled by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology and by the Russian Federal Customs Service. This certificate is not only necessary to allow our products to be cleared through Customs, but is also a prerequisite for installing our lighting appliances in the market.


ROVASI lights up Taj Mall Shopping Center in Jordan

The Taj Mall opened its doors to the city of Amman last year and is now the biggest shopping mall in Jordan. This impressive shopping center is in Abdoun, a large residential and commercial area south of the center of Amman and one of the city’s most prestigious districts.

The extraordinary building was constructed in accordance with an architectural design provided by the well-known American design firm F&A Design Consultants, which has a recognized portfolio of designs for top-class malls in the USA and the Middle East.

Most of the total floor area of 150.000 square meters of the emblematic shopping center is lit with ROVASI luminaires. As the ideal choice, ROVASI’s HYDROS family of luminaires was installed in practically the entire mall area.


Katara Cultural village Landscape

The Cultural Village Foundation, also well-known as Katara, is an exceptional project for human interaction through art and cultural exchange. Katara Cultural Village is the largest and the most multidimensional cultural project in Qatar. As a place where people come together to experience the cultures of the world, Katara aims to become a world leader for multicultural activities.

To light this unique urban leisure environment, the lighting designers in charge of the project placed their trust in ROVASI outdoor lighting solutions. The following custom-made lights were designed and manufactured to match the architectural background: PIVOT ( drive-over semi-recessed buried luminaires with grazing light distribution), SPECTRUM ( recessed luminaires with square design) and TERRA (buried uplights with circular design).


ROVASI lights up the CAU Restaurant in Blackheath, UK.

Whether for pleasure, entertainment or even for business, hotels and restaurants are highly frequented places. Knowing that the human body is highly sensitive to the illumination of its environment allows us to understand why the luminaires installed in places such as hotels and restaurants are so important. Indeed, the lighting provided in these spaces influences the feelings and even has positive psychological effects on the guests.

The aim of CAU (Carne Argentina Única) Restaurants is to capture the vibrancy of Buenos Aires within four walls. Their vision was to capture that spirit in a restaurant that would fit right into the heart of Palermo, Buenos Aires. For this reason, interior designer Patsy Godik, creative director of design studio Conceptualise, decided that the walls should become the soaring skies of thepampas, with corrugated steel to simulate the roofs of Buenos Aires' La Boca neighbourhood and, in a playful twist, the ceiling is the lush green pastures on which their cattle grazed.

Keeping all these points in mind, the lighting designers in charge of the CAU Restaurant in Blackheath chose BSQ luminaires by ROVASI to light and give a warm atmosphere to this place. BSQ are trimless effect square downlights. They are available in a range of lighting sources: halogen, metal halide and LED. The finish for the fixtures of this project was our black finish, RAL9005, Jet Black.


ROVASI becomes member of the IALD-LIRC.

We work to play an active role in supporting lighting designers on an international scale»

With the aim of acting in support of lighting designers, we are proud to inform that since September 2014 we are members of the Lighting Industry Resource Council. Formed in 1996, the Lighting Industry Resource Council (LIRC) exists to provide a framework within IALD for enhanced communication between professional lighting designers and manufacturers and to create an environment conducive to the collaborative improvement of products, services, business practies and lighting design education.    

We invite you to visit LIRC's website.

As it is well known, the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) is an internationally recognized organization dedicated solely to the concerns of independent, professional lighting designers. The IALD strives to set the global standard for lighting design excellence by promoting the advancement and recognition of professional lighting designers. 


We invite you to visit IALD's website to know more about the association. 


ROVASI in Light Middle East 2014 ( 3rd to 5th November / Dubai – UAE)

We would love to welcome you to our stand LT1723, Future Zone.

For anyone involved in any aspect concerning light, Light Middle East is the perfect marketplace to meet new contacts, source products, and dis­cuss new trends and technological developments.

Light Middle East is a premier event for the lighting industry in the Middle East area and offers a B2B plataform to manufacturers, architects, designers, consultants, engineers, construction companies, hospitality industry professionals, government officials and more.

We will be located in the Future Zone. Future Zone is an exclusive area at the Light Middle East exhibition which will feature top notch lighting companies.


ROVASI illuminates the interior walkways V -CITY in Hong Kong

The engineers behind the project successfully relied ROVASI to illuminate the interior walkways linking the commercial center with different transport platforms. The building designed by the architectural firm Benoy occupies an area of ​​over 27,000 square meters and is the largest mall in the area. This mall is a concept of modern lifestyle that attracts both young locals and tourists. V-CITY is strategically located at the top of Tuen Mun MTR station, light rail station and a major transportation hub west New Territories of Hong Kong. The building has indoor walkways that connect the western terminus of Tuen Mun, the light rail station, the city of Tuen Mun. CITY V is at the center of an area with great potential for economic growth: over 100,000 visitors per day are expected. A lot of people who light their way.


The engineering firm in charge of lighting for the HARPA underground car park placed its trust in ROVASI luminaires

The lighting design for this space was carried out by Icelandic engineering firm Verkis, and included both the plaza and the underground car park. Verkis began working on the design of the car park at the beginning of 2010 and they soon realized that the only way to showcase the architecture was through creative lighting design.

Lighting designer Rósa Dögg Þorsteinsdóttir, who was in charge of the scheme, explained: “Car parks are not known to be attractive or enticing and more often than not have poor lighting which creates a sense of insecurity. Our goal was to create a car park that was bright, even when filled with black cars and to make footpaths and exits clear and easy to navigate.”

The light fixtures installed in the car park area belong to the DAU U ROVASI product family. DAU U are surface mounted downlights with cubic design that achieve an IP65 protection. Lighting fixtures installed in the HARPA car park were specially painted according to the architect's criteria in a textured RAL dark grey. ROVASI is highly flexible with regard to adapting the lighting fixtures to suit the project requirements, not only for aesthetic questions but also in terms of photometric and product technical characteristics.




The quality of the lighting fixtures that we manufacture is an extremely important matter for us. At ROVASI, we are committed to total quality, and it is for this reason that the high quality of our luminaires stands out.

Always manufactured on our premises, with care lavished on every detail, our product line is made from the finest materials and following the strictest procedures for the design and the lighting fixtures production.

Because we want to share the benefits of this commitment with all our customers, we place at your disposal a guarantee extension for 3 and 5 years that cover all the luminaires in our ROVASI LED BOOK 12-13.


One year more, we had again the opportunity to attend the LIGHT+BUILDING exhibition.

We are very satisfied at the highly positive comments that we received on our exten­sive new LED program. Besides the large choice of fixtures offered, we also heard some interesting comments from several of our visitors, which we would like to share with you:

• Our stand was illuminated entirely with the new LED fixtures and our visitors were surprised at the high light output (about 850 lux). Few booths were as well lit as ROVASI’s 5m-high stand.

• Also remarkable was the high vi­sual comfort level at our stand, which is so­metimes difficult to achieve with LED.

The showcase aroused a great deal of interest. There, visitors could see the construction, the structure and the mate­rials used in the luminaires, and also the heat dissipation system (through heatpipes) that we have incorporated into our luminaires. The heatpipe is based on the evaporation/condensation of the liquid that is constantly circulating inside the pipes. It offers the following interesting advantages over other cooling systems:

• Low weight

• Horizontal position: there is no need for high spaces for embedding

• High heat dissipation efficiency: 16 lumi­naires were installed in a very limited space, totally closed and without ventilation, and the showcase remained completely cold.

Our LITHOS recessed buried uplights (only 120 mm in height) with LED in different colors and RGB were also a focus of attention.

Should you need any information about our new products, please feel free to contact with us, we will be pleased to help you.


Siklos Spa (Hungary) lighted with ROVASI lighting solutions.

The new thermal spa of Siklós is situated in a unique natural and historical setting next door to Siklós Castle (Hungary).

The internal architecture of the spa is exceptionally imposing. Lending a special atmosphere, the colorful bastions surrounding the pools symbolize the safe walls of the village castle. Inside each bastion surprising experiences await bathers.

In the three-storey complex of more than 5,000 square meters in area, the cold- and hot-water pools with unique adventure elements, children’s and adventure pools, sauna world and sports grounds offer wonderful opportunities for recreation and leisure.

The fittings installed in the spa area must be able to withstand high humidity, together with water jets and temperatures ranging between 33ºC and 38ºC in the indoor area and below 0ºC outdoors in winter.

For the spa installations the team of engineers chose light fittings from the PROJECTO family and the WALL WASHERS family, complemented with IP65 accessories.


ROVASI lights up the exterior of the Hôtel Palmeraie Golf Palace in Marrakech, Morocco.

The landscape designers in charge of lighting for the Hotel Palmeraie Golf Palace (5 star hotel) placed their trust in ROVASI luminaires.

The gardens and promenade areas of the hotel, located in the heart of the green tropical palm grove of Marrakech at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, are illuminated with recessable TERRA uplights from ROVASI. Palm trees, olive trees and other native plants surround the hotel building, which combines traditional, purely Arab architecture with modern designs. At night, light is the protagonist in the gardens, where it highlights the native vegetation. 

For the Hotel Palmeraie Golf Palace project, the TERRA luminaires and PROJECTO projectors were selected to illuminate the exterior of the premises.


LIGHT+BUILDING 2012: The countdown to the fair already started.

A few weeks ago, the team from Messe Frankfurt contacted us to confirm that space has been reserved for the next edition of the most important trade fair in the lighting sector, LIGHT + BUILDING.

As you will have certainly noted in your agendas, the LIGHT + BUILDING 2012 edition will be held from Sunday the 15th to Friday the 20th of April 2012.

The main theme of the trade fair for 2012 is energy efficiency. Indeed, reducing energy consumption is everyone’s job and represents a benefit now and in the future.

Finally, we would like to confirm once again that you can find us at stand D80 in Pavilion 3.1. We’ll keep you informed of any novelty that comes up.


Welcome to the ROVASI community. ROVASI, one click nearer to you.

With the main objective of being closer to you and not missing out on the enormous potential of modern-day techno­logies, ROVASI has recently created its profile in the social networks Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. Our intention is to keep it updated with the latest news about the company, new products, the latest developments in the sector and to receive your comments, remarks, proposals and keep abreast and remain aware of your needs and interests, in order to provide a fast response.

You can find us in Linkedin at http://www.linkedin.com/company/rovasi/

Our page in facebook is www.facebook.com/ROVASI.sl. Sure, you will “Like it”

You can receive our tweets through http://twitter.com/ROVASI_sl

What is more, if you are a member of a network in which you would like us to be present, please send an e-mail to marketing@rovasi.com and we will get to work on it.

Welcome to the ROVASI community; we are now on-line!


ROVASI become member of the Circle of Sponsors of the PLDA.

ROVASI, with the aim of acting in support of lighting designers, is pleased to inform of its sponsorship of the Professional Lighting Designers’ Association, PLDA.

As we are sure all our readers are aware, the PLDA is a voluntary federation of lighting designers and lighting consul­tants who are active on an international scale, its purpose being to increase the reputation of the profession and to establish the profession as such in its own right. The Professional Lighting Designers’ Association aims to use the role of light and of the lighting designer as a productive, creative connecting link between nations.

The organisation was originally created as a European entity. However, since its foundation in 1994, the organisation has expanded beyond the boundaries of Europe and now has members outside of Europe, in Asia and North America, currently acting at international scale.

We are especially proud to sponsor the PLDA because this association is doing hard and important work in the educa­tion field, for PLDA believes, as we do, that education is the key to establishing Lighting Design as a serious profession. For this reason, the association devotes a large proportion of its time to the organisation and support of education programmes at university level. The PLDA is deeply involved with supporting, planning and organizing effective training programmes, ranging from degree courses to seminars.

Another reason that motivated us to be sponsor of the PLDA is their collaboration with other lighting associations World­wide, including CIE, IES and other groupings of lighting designers around the planet. With the institution of Lighting Engineers, PLDA has entered into a partnership agreement in order to foster deeper understanding between the lighting profession and engineering practitioners.

We work to be active in these actions and want to play a role in giving support the lighting designers at international level. 


ROVASI lights airports at worlwide level

Despite the fact that airports are inevitably zones of transit, many people actually spend hours at them waiting for their flights to depart or for passenger friends to arrive. From ROVASI we have helped to make the stays of millions of people who pass through airports comfortable and pleasant. ROVASI light fittings have been installed in large and small airports alike, including among others the following:

 - VIP Zone at Sheremetyeo Airport in Moscow/ RUSSIA

- Bilbao International Airport / SPAIN - Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport S4 in Paris / FRANCE

- Sabiha Gökçen International Airport in Istanbul/ TURKEY

- Virgin Atlantic Airlines Airport Terminal in Sydney/ AUSTRALIA

- Jebel Ali Airport in DUBAI/UAE

- New Delhi Airport / INDIA

- Localizer Mall International Airport of Riyadh/ SAUDI ARABIA.

- Larnaka International Airport/ CYPRUS


The high quality of the lighting solutions that we manufacture ensure that the light has a long life and low maintenance requirements. ROVASI references have been laid down by engineers and lighting designers to comply with the demanding technical criteria required in these spaces, as well as being validated by architects in order to meet the necessary architectural and aesthetic criteria.

SEALED DOWNLIGHT, SURFACEBEL, HYDROS, DOWNLIGHTS are among the light fittings that have been installed at these airports. Made-to-measure appliances have also been designed and manufactured to cope with the specific nature of certain projects.


ROVASI lights up L'Atlàntida Auditorium in Vic.

[Englische Version]

The Atlàntida cultural centre was designed by the Catalan architect Josep Llinàs and his team of collaborators J. Llobet, P. Ayesta and L. Vives. This iconic building located in Vic (Osona) has an area of 10,500 square metres that includes a 100-seat show area, an auditorium seating 400, a theatre to accommodate 800 spectators, a music school, a library and a restaurant. The main characteristic of this building is its asymmetric structure and its enormous faceted roof covered in zinc.

The Atlàntida building was designed to mark a brand image for the city and a link between the morphology of the old and new districts of Vic. The project was to create a building that would take the existing fabric of the old quarter as its backdrop and yet open out towards the River Meder, the boundary of the modern part of the city.

The asymmetry and irregularity of the building allows for many open spaces that flow into each other with roofs closing off at different heights.

To illuminate the open spaces and other interior spaces the team of engineers chose light fittings of the HYDROS and SURFACELUX families.


ROVASI - Sponsor of the First International Educators Summit at Euroluce

In our eagerness to support lighting professionals, we at ROVASI were pleased to sponsor the First International Edu­cators’ Summit hold on 12th and 13th April at Euroluce. The summit had as mission to find common guidelines for professional courses and studies in lighting design. The event was organized by both PLDA and the Educational Events Division of VIA Publishing and was led by Jean Sundin, principal of lighting design firm Office for Visual Interaction (OVI) and Director of Education for the PLDA.

The meeting was successful in creating an international platform for dialog and relevant ideas were exchanged among educators. The event brought together educators, university representatives, and practitioners involved in education in universities and lighting academies over the World. More than fifty of the most influential figures participated in the summit representing more than 18 countries spanning universities and lighting academies around the World, and cros­sing between professional associations including the PLDA, IALD, IES, LET, APIL and others.

As preview, the workgroups were the best way to discuss and to put together the lighting design syllabus at university level, one of the requirements for having lighting design recognized as a profession and a complete overview of the current landscape of lighting research was developed.

The summit conclusions will be presented in a special session at the PLD-C conference, to be celebrated in Madrid next October.




Welcome to our new website: More intuitive and with all the tools to develop successfully your lighting project.

ROVASI presents its new website, now more intuitive, dynamic and interactive. The website has been designed to pro­vide you with some very useful tools and facilitate your work, so that you can make full use of your time and obtain the best possible results in your lighting project.

The products section has been developed to find the luminaire you need for your project - the solution you seek. We have also added to the information available on each product so that users can download the specifications on each item, the IES file or EULUMDAT file, the catalogue in chapters or the ROVASI BOOK 11-12 catalogue in pdf format. There is also a projects section where the results of projects featuring ROVASI luminaires can be seen.

We’re certain you’ll like the new look of our website and that it will quickly become one of your favourites. The website will also enable you to stay up to date with ROVASI’s latest news.

Visit www.rovasi.com and discover just how good it can be to work on-line. 


Last edition ROVASI General Catalogue already available. ROVASI BOOK 11-12

We are pleased to tell you we have launched the latest edition of our catalogue, the ROVASI BOOK 11-12, which features all the product families that make up ROVASI’s entire range.

There have been some significant design changes in this new catalogue to help you search for any of the items in our product lines. It is sorted by functionality, which means you will be able to find the product you need both quickly and easily.

We hope you will find the catalogue easy to use and indispensable in your work. You can ask for one by sending your contact information and postal address to marketing@rovasi.com. We would also be delighted to hear what you think about it and the range of lighting solutions it contains.

You can also download the ROVASI BOOK 11-12 pdf from www.rovasi.com. 



There is also available our ROVASI V1.1 DVD containing the ROVASI BOOK 11-12 in PDF format, the EULUMDAT and IES files for many of our references, technical data sheets and lots of other information that we are sure you will find useful for your daily work.

ROVASI’s new technical specifications ( that are also available at www.rovasi.com) were designed to provide all the information necessary for your lighting projects. In the pdf document of the specs you will find:

 • Page one: picture representing the family + recommended applications.

• Page two: name of family + technical characteristics.

•Following pages: finishes and accessories. Last item on the accessories pages: list of components of the reference.

• Finally, detailed specs with photometric information.


To request a copy of the DVD ROVASI v1.1, please mail your postal address to us at marketing@rovasi.com. We will be pleased to send a copy to you.



Whose eyes do not light up, and never better said, when LIGHT + BUILDING comes up in conversation? And no wonder, since the most important international fair for the lighting industry is packed with new projects, innovative products, opportunities for learning, meeting, communication, etc.

So from 11 to 16 April all eyes will be on the German city of Frankfurt, where the leading companies and industry pro­fessionals will be presenting their latest products and ideas. .

And of course ROVASI will once again be at the LIGHT + BUILDING fair at stand D80 in Hall 3.1. Do not miss out on the chance to come to this unique event. We have got everything ready so we can meet up with you again, show you our new products, share a coffee, jointly prepare new projects and, in short, have a good time. See you there!


ISO 9001:2008 / ISO14001:2004

ISO 9001:2008

Ever since ROVASI was founded we have always sought to stand out for our excellence in customer care, good service and fine quality. To that end back in April 1998 we achieved ISO 9001:1994 certification from the BSI group, which confirmed that ROVASI has a total quality continuous improvement management system in place.

We are proud to be able to announce that on 11 November 2009 we renewed our certification and were awarded the ISO 9001:2008 certificate.

ISO 14.001:2004

As we have pointed out in a number of our newsletters, here at ROVASI we are extremely environmentally conscious. So over the last year we have been working hard to achieve ISO 14.001:2004 certification, which ensures that we have an effective environmental management system in place.

In this respect we are pleased to be able to tell you that after an inspection of our management system last Novem­ber, BSI awarded ROVASI this certification which confirms that we achieve a balance between company profitability and reducing our environmental impact.

In this area ROVASI is using a management programme to implement continuous improvement processes. We are conscientiously working to leave a good environmental legacy for future generations.