Following the success of the DISTRICT collection and the demands from our much appreciated followers, we have expanded the collection with products of smaller dimensions known as the DISTRICT XS.&nbsp;<br /><br />As you know, DISTRICT are IP65 and IK10 linear fixtures for outdoor or for low-maintenance interior areas. &nbsp;<br /><br />The new lengths are 155 mm and 295 mm, which make them truly suitable for household and hotel accommodation outdoor spaces. <br /><br />DISTRICT XS products are available for several installation systems such as:&nbsp; <ul> <li>Recessed, <a href="../../../en/products/DISTRICT-XS-100">DISTRICT XS 100</a></li> <li>Surface-mounted <a href="../../../en/products/DISTRICT-XS-300">DISTRICT XS 300</a></li> <li>Wall-mounted <a href="../../../en/products/DISTRICT-XS-600">DISTRICT XS 600</a></li> <li>Two-sided emission <a href="../../../en/products/DISTRICT-XS-700">DISTRICT XS 700</a></li> <li>And as the projector <a href="../../../en/products/DISTRICT-XS-800">DISTRICT XS 800</a>.</li> </ul>
ROVASI lights up the Lycée Henri Fertet in France

ROVASI lights up the Lycée Henri Fertet in France[+]

The Lyc&eacute;e Professionnel has been refreshed to improve its features and functionality. The renovation work included improvements to lighting throughout.&nbsp;<br /><br />Bearing in mind that lighting is very important at education centres because it has a direct impact on attention, well-being and comfort for both pupils and teachers, ROVASI luminaires were chosen to extremely positive effect.<br /><br /><a href="../../../../en/news/ROVASI-lights-up-the-Lycee-Henri-Fertet-in-France">Know more</a>
NOVELTIES OUTDOOR: Swivel-mounted versions for SUPER and WATERTIGHT

NOVELTIES OUTDOOR: Swivel-mounted versions for SUPER and WATERTIGHT[+]

The solution for outdoor areas where a point of interest is to be highlighted : the swivel-mounted versions of SUPER and WATERTIGHT.<br /><br />We introduce the swivel-mounted versions of <a href="../../../en/products/SUPER">SUPER </a>[IP65 surface-mounted downlights] and <a href="../../../en/products/WATERTIGHT">WATERTIGHT </a>[IP65 ceiling-recessed downlights]. They offer a 20&deg; tilt action and 180&deg; rotation.
ROVASI lights up Blixen building in Aarhus, Denmark

ROVASI lights up Blixen building in Aarhus, Denmark[+]

<p>Aarhus (Denmark) is home to Blixen, a 23,000 m<sup>2</sup>&nbsp;office building designed by Arkitema Architects where more than 900 people work. Besides offices and meeting rooms, the Blixen building also contains a cafeteria, restaurant and workshop spaces.</p> <p>Good lighting for the meeting rooms and workspaces was one of the essential requirements from the authorities in Aarhus when they commissioned the project. The reception areas and vertical garden were also highlighted as important elements, for which special lighting needed to be designed.</p> <p>The QUID luminaires from ROVASI were selected because they perfectly suited the minimalist look of the building&rsquo;s architecture. The luminaires were customised according to instructions from the COWI team to create a working environment with comforting and pleasant lighting.&nbsp;<br /><br />One of the many advantages of being a true manufacturer is to be able to provide customized solutions&nbsp;collaborating in all the project phases.</p>


New solutions are here to lighting up outdoor areas! The new fixtures have been developed by the ROVASI technical department to offer a wide range of choices for lighting up porches, canopies, fa&ccedil;ades, verandas, decks and outdoor spaces. They are also a good solution for interior spaces requiring little maintenance.<br /><br />KORMAU 400: wall-mounted linear luminaire.<br />DISTRICT 500:two-sided emissions&nbsp;pendant&nbsp;linear fixture.<br />DISTRICT 700: two-sided emissions wall-mounted linear fixture.<br /><br />With IP65 protection and IK10 resistance, the new fixtures meet the strict quality standards required of all ROVASI outdoor luminaries.<br /><br />For ROVASI, it is a must to ensure a high level of durability and this is always backed by the standard 5-year warranty we offer.
ROVASI lights up the Mas Blanch i Jové winery

ROVASI lights up the Mas Blanch i Jové winery[+]

<p>The Mas Blanch Jov&eacute; winery was created in 2006 and ever since then it has been known for combining a passion for wine and admiration for art as a meeting point for those who are enthused about both.</p> <p>In view of the success of this hybrid space, a 2019 expansion created&nbsp;<em>Espai Sa&oacute;</em>&nbsp;to be able to increase the capacity in the tasting and ceremonial area.</p> <p>The sampling and events hall features a blend of warm materials like wood and cold ones like steel and metal to create a truly contemporary atmosphere.</p> <p>The lighting in these areas was carefully selected with the use of ROVASI BSM light fixtures elegantly integrated into the ceiling with a black finish.</p>
ROVASI lights up the Antwerp Central Station

ROVASI lights up the Antwerp Central Station[+]

<p>The Antwerp Central Station lighting system was recently refurbished for more efficiency.</p> <p>To do so, 600&nbsp;ROVASI CELL recessed downlights were installed in the pedestrian corridors of this emblematic building.</p> <p>A metal cover trim was supplied with the luminaires to ensure a proper fit in the existing holes.</p> <p>The ROVASI Technical Department also developed a custom fixing system fully adapted to the project requirements.</p> <p>As is well-known, ROVASI can study and develop bespoke solutions to meet all types of needs.</p> <p>ROVASI CELL downlights are available in 6 diameters from 140 mm to 300 mm and from 11 W to 48 W, making them excellent wildcards for any project.</p>
ROVASI lights up Korn Ferry's offices in Barcelona

ROVASI lights up Korn Ferry's offices in Barcelona[+]

The American multinational HR consulting firm, Korn Ferry, has recently renovated and redesigned its new offices in Barcelona. This workspace located in the heart of the city spreads over 300 m2 with 30 people working there.<br /><br />It is well known that lighting plays a crucial role when it comes to creating a comfortable environment for working. That's why those entrusted with the lighting design opted for the&nbsp;<a href="../../en/products/TIRET-400">TIRET 400</a>&nbsp;lighting fixtures to light up the work desks.<br /><br />TIRET 400 are linear pendant&nbsp;fixtures with an opal diffuser that come in 5 standard sizes, with the possibility of creating customised designs thanks to their junction&nbsp;modules.<br /><br />The TIRET 400 pendants went perfectly with the details of the carefully chosen furniture, providing the space with suitable lighting.
ROVASI lights up the Arc Arena Bowling in Navan, Ireland.

ROVASI lights up the Arc Arena Bowling in Navan, Ireland.[+]

<p>The Arc Cinema Complex in Navan has been refubrished to create a multi-level entertainment attraction called The Arc Arena that includes a&nbsp;new state of the art 8&nbsp;lane bowling alley, the Arc Arena Bowling.</p> <p>An accurate lighting study meets the customer's requirements and a dark ceiling with BASE surface-mounted lighting fixtures in black finish complete its look.</p> <p>When you need a surface-mounted luminaire, BASE are the best ally thanks to its clean shapes and good performance.</p>


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