SHALLOW, a great choice for replacing luminaires in shallow ceilings.

SHALLOW, a great choice for replacing luminaires in shallow ceilings.[+]

The regional headquarters of CM (Christelijke Mutualiteit) in Turnhout decided to replace its luminaires with more efficient models. <br /><br />The SHALLOW recessed downlight model from ROVASI was chosen for the central areas and corridors.<br /><br />The SHALLOW downlights from ROVASI have a minimum height of 50mm and a maximum height of 100mm, so are ideal for recessed installation on shallow ceilings.<br /><br />The renovation of building lighting systems with sustainable luminaires is, and will continue to be, essential in following the path towards an efficient and clean energy system. ROVASI is committed to achieving that goal.
Lighting under the Malmskillnad Bridge

Lighting under the Malmskillnad Bridge[+]

This is a fine example of how to embellish the underside of a concrete bridge while simultaneously providing glare-free lighting in a space used by road traffic.<br /><br />The design was created by Marge Arkitekter and the lighting by Black Lighting Design. The installation made use of existing holes in the structure to position the luminaires as high as possible on the bridge and thereby eliminate any glare.<br /><br />The&nbsp;<a href="../../en/en/products/SUPER">SUPER</a>&nbsp;surface-mounted downlight from ROVASI Positive Lighting was the luminaire chosen to do the job.<br /><br />A dingy place that people once passed through in a hurry has been transformed into a unique space in the city, contributing to a more pleasant and safer atmosphere.
The KORAMU 100 bollards in Iceland

The KORAMU 100 bollards in Iceland[+]

The <a href="../../../en/products/KORAMU100">KORAMU 100</a> luminaires from ROVASI were chosen to light the pathways of the Elli&eth;abraut residential development in Iceland; KORAMU 100 are front emitting bollard lights with a colour temperature of 3000K. The finish on the units was personalised for this project in the colour chosen by the client, RAL 7035 (Light Grey). <br /><br />Furthermore, the body of the luminaire was given a C5-M treatment, which is especially recommended for highly corrosive adverse environments.<br /><br /><a href="../../en/news/KORAMU-100-bollards-in-Iceland">Know more</a>
ROVASI lights renovated library at Lanzarote Fishing School in Spain

ROVASI lights renovated library at Lanzarote Fishing School in Spain[+]

The project has breathed new life into this space by giving it more energy and balance. The combination of materials, colours and textures has created a rather unique ambience. The library is now brighter and the open plan design achieves a perfect horizontal perspective on the space.<br /><br />The <a href="../../ca/products/TIRET-200">TIRET 200</a> recessed linear luminaires and the <a href="../../en/products/BSM">BSM </a>trimless effect downlights from ROVASI were selected to light this 75 m2 area and have been superbly integrated into the library d&eacute;cor.&nbsp;


We are pleased to announce that <strong>LIGHTING MAP 2022</strong> is now available.<br /><br /><a href="../../en/services-download/303">Download it</a>&nbsp;and discover the newest indoor and outdoor lighting solutions developed by ROVASI.<br /><br />This is an&nbsp;<strong>interactive&nbsp;</strong>catalogue. Click on the QR area | More information and you will be redirected to the product website. This will make it easier for you to check all the details on the luminaires.
ROVASI illuminates entrance to Gansberg residential complex in Bratislava, Slovakia

ROVASI illuminates entrance to Gansberg residential complex in Bratislava, Slovakia[+]

GANSBERG Koliba is the name of a premium luxury residential complex in Bratislava, Slovakia.<br /><br />For its design of these buildings, the ITB Development architecture group won the prestigious CIJ Awards Slovakia 2020 for Best Premium Residential Development.<br /><br />One of the main decisions underpinning the project was to choose effective solutions, long-lasting materials and creative finishes so as to raise the building project as a whole to the highly refined level required of premium products.<br /><br />With that in mind, the sign at the main entrance to the complex has been illuminated using the&nbsp;<a href="../../en/en/products/DISTRICT-800">DISTRICT 800</a>&nbsp;linear projectors from ROVASI. The profiles were connected in a row to achieve uniformity and perfectly highlight the sign that welcomes residents and visitors to Gansberg.
ROVASI Brand new logo!

ROVASI Brand new logo![+]

As part of our 30th anniversary celebrations at ROVASI, we are thrilled to reveal our new corporate image.<br /><br />Our new logo represents the essence of who we are: authentic manufacturers of luminaires, fusing technology and sustainability. Our team of expert professionals are both true to their commitments and adaptable to the needs of our customers.&nbsp;<br /><br />Always friendly and with a positive spirit, the #positivelighting spirit.
ROVASI 30th Anniversary 1992-2022 and counting

ROVASI 30th Anniversary 1992-2022 and counting[+]

In 1992, the Olympic Games were held in Barcelona, a year in which the city was transformed and opened up to the world. It was also the year in which ROVASI was set up and we opened up to the world: a world full of LIGHT.<br /><br />On this day, 27 January 2022, we are therefore overjoyed, very satisfied and extremely proud to celebrate our 30th anniversary with all of you.<br /><br /><a href="../../en/news/ROVASI-30th-Anniversary">More information</a>
ROVASI lights up the Havensteder regional office in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

ROVASI lights up the Havensteder regional office in Rotterdam, the Netherlands[+]

We are proud to have helped light up the Havensteder regional office in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.<br /><br />The project, which was developed by our distributor in the Netherlands Inizio Lichtprojecten along with 2eN Design | Interior Branding + Identity, covered all the project phases from conceptualization to the delivery of the luminaires.<br /><br />The fixtures selected for the working area were ROVASI CELL, a range of recessed downlights that ensures immense visual comfort through a low UGR. Good, comfortable lighting is a must for all offices and this project made it possible.<br /><br />The choice for the corridors was MINI QUID, which is a 110 mm downlight with homogeneous and comfortable light emission.<br /><br />A modern, contemporary environment was created using green colours and wood. Technique and design go hand-in-hand in these offices where employee productivity and wellbeing has been fully achieved.